Oceanic Foot Spa San Jose


Rebekha D’s Oceanic Foot Spa Experience

This is a recent Yelp Review posted by our customer Rebekha D.  We really appreciate that she took time to write up such an informative review and we are glad that our therapists massage helped her in some meaningful ways.  Thank you Rebekah!


I had not been to a foot massage place since moving to the south bay from Redwood City in 2018. I am getting older and have various health issues, and my back frequently hurts. I knew it was time to get back to having massages and was eyeing Oceanic at its old location, but put things off. They moved, and then Covid happened. I bided my time and kept checking the website, and then in January 2021 their website had an announcement that they would be opening up again! My first massage was with Jack.

In case you are not familiar with foot spas, a foot massage does not always consist only of a massage on the feet. For example, my favorite service is the 30/30 for $50. This is 30 minutes on the feet and 30 minutes on the rest of the body, full clothed throughout, in the communal room. I have also had the 40/40 for $65, which consists of 40 minutes on the feet and 40 minutes nude massage in a private room. There are other options as well. With the 30/30, first my feet get put into a tub of hot water. Then my face and head are massaged (it is heavenly) followed by my arms and hands. Then the tub is removed and my feet and legs are massaged. After this, I turn over on my stomach and my back, neck, and head are massaged. It’s an invigorating experience. I always tell my husband that I feel “noodly” afterward.

The place was spotless, with air purifiers, plentiful hand sanitizer, and wipe downs of all stations between customers. Also, masks were required of everyone. I loved my massage so much that I started booking massages for every week, and I’ve been doing that ever since. After the first couple of weeks I did switch to Michael as my massage therapist, as I have found him to be a better fit for me, but I do have appointments with Jack when Michael is not available.

Combined with aquatic PT, the massages I get at Oceanic have eliminated the back pain I had been having, as well as the muscle cramps I had been having. For these reasons alone I would recommend Oceanic, but as you can see from my review, there are so many other reasons why!

A note about Covid: There have been a few times when there were Covid exposures, and every time the management is very quick to notify customers and have the affected therapists stay home. Until recently, everyone was required to wear masks and the face part of the massage has been suspended. With things being a little better now, we customers are able to get the face massages again.

Also, the owner/manager has contacted me a couple of times to check in about how the service was. He’s very attentive and concerned about doing the right thing during Covid.

Finally, tips: Yes, we are expected to tip more than 20% if we have a good experience. I have always tipped massage therapists more than 20% and for what they do, I feel that is more than deserved. I usually tip $20 for my $50 30/30 massage.